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24 The Planet

On Saturday, the 9th of September, all participants of 24 The Planet walked 24 hours non-stop in the Vondelpark to help cool down our planet. Our initial goal was to raise over EUR 50,000. We exceedingly surpassed this goal and raised a staggering amount of EUR 61,364.12. Energized by this achievement, we are now determined to go even further in 2024, aiming to make an even bigger impact for our planet. Last year’s funds were dedicated to Justdiggit, helping regreen Africa’s land. In 2024, we’ll continue this partnership with Justdiggit, aiming to further reduce our carbon footprint and create local jobs, thereby aiding planetary cooling.

"An incredible event for a vital cause. The 24-hour walk pushed me beyond my limits, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

- Adriaan Kolff

"Walking 24 hours straight? It sounded crazy until I did it with 24 The Planet. Together, we're making a real impact!"

- Judith de Leth

"24 The Planet was transformative! A grueling but rewarding challenge for an amazing cause."

- Alexander Chatzakis

"Unforgettable experience! Walking 24 hours straight was tough, but knowing we're cooling the planet made it worth every step."

- Alain Heunen

"I joined 24 The Planet and found a community of change-makers. An inspiring journey to fight climate change!"

- Richard de Wit


Ready for the challenge of a lifetime?

It’s time to stop talking and start walking! Sign up to join us for 24 hours or just for one; the choice is entirely up to you. Got any questions? Our FAQ might have the answers you’re looking for, or feel free to drop us an email.

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