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Global climate change presents one of the greatest challenges of our time. If we don't act now 350 million people will face water scarcity and 2.9 billion people will be exposed to extreme heat by 2050 every 5 years. Fortunately, there’s still something we can do about it.

Our Mission

24 The Planet’s mission is to combat global climate change and cool down our planet. To achieve this, we will walk nonstop for 24 hours in Amsterdam, Budapest, and New York. This year, our objective is to raise EUR 150,000 to regreen dry and degraded land in Africa. Through regreening our planet, we can mitigate global climate change. Are you up to face the challenge of (y)our lifetime?

How It All Started

Three years ago, our founder, Adriaan Kolff, devised a plan to raise funds to combat global climate change, which stands as one of the greatest challenges of our time. To confront this issue head-on, he sought a challenge that matched its magnitude. Consequently, he committed to a nonstop 24-hour walk, aiming to both raise funds and increase awareness about the urgency of addressing climate change. With the support of three friends, 24 The Planet was born.

The Walk

Since its origin in 2021, the concept of 24 The Planet has remained unchanged. Participants undertake a 24-hour walk in loops within a park to raise funds and awareness for combating global climate change. 24 The Planet is not a race; walkers determine their own pace. Our “slowest” walker covered 52 kilometers (32 miles), while our “fastest” walker completed 116 kilometers (72 miles). The commitment is to walk for 24 hours, with short breaks permitted.

Mini Events

To make the 24-hour walk more engaging, we host a mini event every two to three hours. We feature keynote speakers, conduct breathwork sessions, offer guided meditation hours, host a silent disco, organize a dog-walking session, invite a marching band to perform, and celebrate the halfway mark with a 12-hour event. Additionally, we provide family-style meals, and in the final hours, a mobile DJ booth plays uplifting beats to keep us motivated.

Social Challenge

24 The Planet fosters a social challenge where walking becomes a catalyst for profound and impactful conversations. Walking for 24 hours cultivates a strong sense of camaraderie among participants, forging unique bonds. In moments of doubt, there’s always someone to uplift each other. With the walk held in a park, friends and family continuously rally to support walkers, even during the wee hours. In our last Amsterdam edition, over 400 people joined our walkers!

The Cause

All proceeds from 24 The Planet go directly to our partner organization Justdiggit. Justdiggit, an NGO, is on a mission to regreen Africa within the next decade. Utilizing effective nature-based solutions, Justdiggit works to restore dry and degraded land across the continent. Their regreening initiatives employ traditional, scalable, and easy-to-apply landscape restoration techniques. Collaborating with communities and local partners, they swiftly and sustainably regreen designated areas. This endeavor benefits nature, biodiversity, and aids in cooling down our planet.

Our Impact

Since its inception in 2021, 24 The Planet has grown exponentially, increasing by thirteenfold. Last year, fifty-five 24-hour walkers completed the 24-hour challenge, while over 400 individuals showed their support. Over the past three years, we’ve raised over EUR 125,000, enabling us to regreen an area twice the size of Central Park in Africa!

Last Year's

Metrics Summary

People positively impacted 1.179
5.235 Trees recovered
354 Hectares under regreening
1.005 Carbon sequestration (t=20)
100.479 Water retained (t=20)

Ready for the challenge of (y)our lifetime?

It’s time to stop talking and start walking! Sign up to join us for 24 hours or just for one; the choice is entirely up to you. Got any questions? Our FAQ might have the answers you’re looking for, or feel free to drop us an email.

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