Amsterdam 2024

Amsterdam 2024

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24 The Planet

What began as a ‘crazy’ idea in 2021 with four friends attempting to walk nonstop for 24 hours to raise funds for fighting global climate change has evolved into a global movement. This year, we’re thrilled to return to Amsterdam for the fourth time, alongside welcoming Budapest and New York. The concept is straightforward: participants, backed by friends and family, walk continuously for 24 hours in a park to raise funds and awareness for the battle against global climate change. All proceeds are donated to Justdiggit, an NGO dedicated to regreening dry and degraded land in Africa to cool down the planet.

"I never thought I would be able to complete 24 hours, but I loved every minute of it and proud that we have been able to raise so much money!”"

- Barbara Tjen

"24 The Planet was not only a fundraiser for a good cause but also a social gathering with like-minded individuals. The organization ensured we were entertained every two hours, making the 24 hours fly by. Besides a few blisters and mild muscle pain, I especially enjoyed lots of laughter and meeting new people."

- Lilian van Riel

"One of the most rewarding and challenging things I have done in my life."

- Alexander Chatzakis

"24 The Planet is an unique concept for raising money and creating awareness at the same time for global climate change. In addition, the positive vibes I got from all walkers, volunteers and supporters for both editions I participated, I will not forget."

- Alain Heunen

"What a vibe and what an experience! I definitely underestimated the fact that a 24 hour walk is pretty though. But we celebrated every hour that went by with all the walkers and so many supporting friends and family that it felt like a walk in the park 😉! So go safe the planet and join this challenge, I promise you, you won't regret it!"

- Carlijn Charbon

The Walk

Since its origin in 2021, the concept of 24 The Planet has remained unchanged. Participants undertake a 24-hour walk in loops within a park to raise funds and awareness for fighting global climate change. 24 The Planet is not a race; walkers determine their own pace. Our “slowest” walker covered 52 kilometers (32 miles), while our “fastest” walker completed 116 kilometers (72 miles). The commitment is to walk for 24 hours, with short breaks permitted.


All of our donations go to Justdiggit, an NGO dedicated to regreening dry and degraded land in Kenya and Tanzania to cool down our planet. After registration, each participant gains access to their own fundraiser profile, which is customizable with a personal fundraising target. Last year, each walker raised an average of EUR 1,500. This year, we encourage each walker to aim for a similar amount to contribute to cooling down our planet. This is your chance to truly make a difference.


Get inspired

24 The Planet Group Photo at Start of 2024 Event in Amsterdam

Ready for the challenge of (y)our lifetime?

It’s time to stop talking and start walking! Sign up to join us for 24 hours or just for one; the choice is entirely up to you. Got any questions? Our FAQ might have the answers you’re looking for, or feel free to drop us an email.

This charity event is run by volunteers, so we’re always on the lookout for sponsors and volunteers who want to support us. If you’re interested in helping during our events or just spreading the word about us, feel free to get in touch.

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